About me

Commercial & Corporate Video Production, Photography & More

My path to media development almost started by accident. I always took pictures as a kid admiring my grandfather’s equipment, never thinking I could actually make a living doing something I loved. But in 1997 through a chance meeting with someone who had the same passion for cars that I did (and was already a well-established photographer), I actually realised I could not only make a good living, but pursue my desire to travel. And as I gained invaluable knowledge and experience along the way, I realized what I truly love to do is tell stories. Photography was just one avenue to do this.

Looking to branch out, I started looking to other avenues of photography. iStockphoto.com (JP Media inc) gave me what I needed. I realised the huge market potential for stock photography and wanted to be a part of it. My passion for lifestyle photography grew when I realised I could say so much with just an image. Having sold tens of thousands of images, I was able to parlay this experience and I branched out into Commercial and Corporate Video Production in Melbourne and Australia wide, creating videos and photos for many major companies such as Disney, Marriott Hotels, Open Door Haiti, Wycliffe Associates, and so on.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to pursue my dreams and find an amount of success very few in my field have. And while my skillset has a lot to do with my success, I also feel my attitude and approach towards every job is key…  It’s an attitude that I am only as good as my last job and to never take anything for granted. Be passionate in everything you do, and be mindful of the details.

This is what I bring to the table. This is why I want to work with you and your company.  If you have a project in mind, I am happy to discuss and hopefully exceed your expectations.